A Christmas surprise

we make a cute gift

Kerst diorama sidepic
What do you need?
a BÅS show case (IKEA)
stain and a paintbrush
pieces of wood, various sizes
paint in various colours and brushes
piece of white fleece fabric
miniature Christmas trees (HEMA)
little snowman (HEMA)
matches and a piece of wire
minature Led lights string (max 20 lights)
glue gun (lights)
Kerst diorama sidepicll

In a small display case from Ikea you can quickly and simply create a fun winter scene, a diorama. Ours has a Christmas train in the snow. You can let your imagination run free, a little pony in the snow, Santa on his sleigh or only his reindeer. Think of anything you like, the possibilities are endless.

How to make a Christmas Diorama

Kerst diorama 01
Kerst diorama 02
Kerst diorama 03

First stain the case, pine colour for example.

Allow the stain to dry overnight.

Pry the hooks from the back of the case.

Now you can lay the back of the case flat and drill holes for the string of Christmas lights.

Kerst diorama 04
Kerst diorama 05
Kerst diorama 06
Kerst diorama 07

Saw from some leftover wood the parts to make a train.

Saw a bottom, steam barrel, cabine, roof, steam pipe and steam dome.

Saw the wheels, pitmen and the flat wagon.

Paint the steam egine and the wagon a nice colour.

Paint a Christmas wreath on the engine and a string of Christmas lights along the roof. Saw small cubes (presents) from left over wood then paint them in cheerful colours. Maak a trakck with painted match sticks and wire for binding flowers.

Kerst diorama 08
Kerst diorama 09
Kerst diorama 10

Stick the 'snow' in the case then make the track.

Stick all parts together then stick in the case.

Stick the lights in the back.

Kerst diorama home

Place the back in the case then turn on the lights, it's beautiful! Merry Christmas!