An Easter T-shirt

with a pocket

Paas tshirt home
What do you need?
a piece of burlap
pieces of dark and light brown felt
small piece of cotton
coloured knitting cotton and needle
embroidery yarn and needle
matching yarn and needle
Jumper, T-shirt, bag
or anything you want to decorate
Paas tshirt home

On the American website Handmade Charlotte we came across a very cute design for Easter. It is by Misako Mimoko who is a blogger acquainted to her. We like to share the pattern with you but do mind it is for personal use only, do not use it commercially!


How to make the Easter T-shirt

Paas tshirt 01
Paas tshirt 02
Paas tshirt 03
Paas tshirt 04

Cut a piece of burlap using the pattern then fringe one edge.

Pull a bunch of threads from a long piece of burlap.

Embroider the motive on the top like the pattern indicates.

Twist cotton thread around the handle of the basket, tie it off.

Paas tshirt 05
Paas tshirt 06
Paas tshirt 07

Cut a cube out of cotton.

Cut the bunny and paws out of felt.

This is how it should look.

Paas tshirt 08
Paas tshirt 09
Paas tshirt 11
Paas tshirt 12

Sew the bunny on the shirt but leave the ears free.

Sew the light colour felt on the ears but leave them free.

Stitch the handle firmly to the basket.

Stitch the cotton diagonally on the edge of the basket.

Paas tshirt 13
Paas tshirt home

Sew the paws on the basket and the basket on the bunny.

Embroider a face on the bunny and your Easter T-shirt is ready.

We wish you lots of fun with your Easter T-shirt!