Saint Lucia dolls

a Swedish tradition

St lucia doll sidepic
What do you need?
2 wooden keg dolls
paint, pink and ocre
1 pipe cleaner
wooden beads
felt, white , yellow and green
matching yarn and needle
a wooden stick
thin red ribbon and a lace ribbon
5 white candles
strand of yellow wool
St lucia doll sidepicll

Because in the Anthroposophy and thus in Waldorf schools the Saint Lucia feast is celebrated on December 13 we make the traditional dolls. The Sint Lucia dolls also have a boys version, the Star Boy, so we make one of these too. Tomorrow we bake the accomponying Swedish saffron buns, the Lussekatter.


How to make a Saint Lucia and a Star Boy doll

  • Start by mixing the paint, while the paint dries we make the clothes.
  • Download and print the pattern then cut out all parts.
St lucia doll 01
St lucia doll 02
St lucia doll 03
St lucia doll 04

Paint the heads.

Pin the patterns on felt.

Cut them out.

Pin them on the dolls.

St lucia doll 05
St lucia doll 07
St lucia doll 08

Sew the dresses closed on the back.

Cut out sleeves from double folded felt.

Stitch the  underside closed then turn out.

St lucia doll 09
St lucia doll 10
St lucia doll 11
St lucia doll 12

Pin and cut out the hat.

Sew the hat closed.

Cut out the stars.

Sew then on the hat.

We stitch the sleeves to the backs of the dresses, skip one stitch so we can stick the pipe cleaner through the sleeves.

St lucia doll 13
St lucia doll 14
St lucia doll 15

Cut a pipe cleaner in half, stick on 1 bead.

Stick the arm in the sleeve. stick on bead 2.

Pin the big star on yellow felt.

St lucia doll 16
St lucia doll 17
St lucia doll 18
St lucia doll 19

Cut out 2 stars.

Sew them on each other.

Leave one stitch open.

Finish Saint Lucia.

  • Place the star on the stick and press the stick in the hand of Star Boy
  • Sew the lace ribbon around the neck then tie the red sash around the doll's waist
  • Stick the woollen hair on Saint Lucia's head
  • Paint faces on the dolls or leave them plain, as you wish
St lucia doll 20
St lucia doll 21
St lucia doll 22
St lucia doll 23

Cut two strips and leaves from green felt.

Sew the thin on the thicker strip with a candle in between.

Sew in the same way 5 felt loops.

Sew the leaves on the other side of the strip.

St lucia doll 24
St lucia doll 25

Cut the candles to size then stick them into the crown.

Sew the crown closed then place it on the head of Saint Lucia.

We wish you - in advance - a lovely Saint Lucia feast!