in bright colours

Kerst lamas sidepic
What do you need?
coloured pipe cleaners
cutting pliers
coloured carded wool
little coloured pompoms
hobby glue
black paint and a skewer
Kerst lamas sidepicll

These cheerful coloured Lama's made of pipe cleaners and carded wool are the whole year fun to have around. In December we like them even more in their extra festive Christmas look! We use 2 pipe cleaners per Lama and have a little piece left over.


How to make the Christmas Lama's

Kerst lamas 01
Kerst lamas 02
Kerst lamas 03
Kerst lamas 04

Take a pipe cleaner and cutting pliers.

Cut a small piece of the pipe cleaner.

Twist the little piece around the end, two ears.

From the ears down bend the neck and back of the Lama.

Kerst lamas 05
Kerst lamas 06
Kerst lamas 07

Bend the other end back up, a little longer.

Cut it off, you have leg two.

Twist on, same height as the first leg.

Kerst lamas 08
Kerst lamas 09
Kerst lamas 10
Kerst lamas 11

Twist the 2nd pipe cleaner under the neck, 2 front legs.

Cut the second front leg to the same size.

Cut off a small piece of the remainder.

Twist it on the back, it's the Lama's tail.

We especially ordered woolen felt balls for the lamas, made in Nepal. Their matching colours would fit our lama's perfectly. Regrettably they turned out to heavy for the pipe cleaner bodies of the lamas, so we used crafting pompoms instead.

Kerst lamas 12
Kerst lamas 13
Kerst lamas 14

Wrap carded wool around the neck and the back.

Make more Lama's in various colours.

Stick pompoms under the ears.

Paint eyes and a nose on the pompoms using a wooden skewer.

Kerst lamas 15
Kerst lamas home

Cut from left over felt Christmas decorations.

Hang all Christmas decorations loose on the Lama's.

If you do not glue the decorations you can enjoy your colourful Lama's all year round. With the decorated Lama's your Christmas will surely be merry & bright!