Homemade apple beignets

are ├╝ber-delicious

Appelbeignets side

Shopping list
12 sheets puff pastry (frozen)
3 apples (goudreinetten)
50 gram sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
sunflower oil, to deep fry in

TIP! Knead and roll out the pastry left overs and use the extra apple.

Appelbeignets promo

Strolling around in a big bookstore on a cold winters day (Donner Rotterdam, as it happend to be), immediately an eyecatching cookbook draws our attention. The book turns out to be written by a master patissier from Amsterdam and world famous in Holland: Cees Holtkamp.

Then you leaf through the pages for a minute and you see the recipe for apple beinets. Now we've been baking apple beignets for years and we've often thought: "How do those patissiers do it?" Make apple beignets which taste awesome and look stunning too!

And now we know! We bought the book and started right away on the apple beignets. New Year is around the corner but who cares? Apple beignets are uber tasty all winter long, especially the ones by Cees Holtkamp. And what a surprise: easy peasy to make and they look really beautiful!!! The best 35.00 euro's spend in a long time!

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Appelbeignets 01
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Best book of all, a must have!

Defrost the pastry sheets.

Peel 2 apples, remove the core.

Cut the apples in three slices.

Put on the deep fat frier until the sunflower oil reaches a temperature of 180°c.

Appelbeignets 04
Appelbeignets 05
Appelbeignets 06

Put sugar&cinnamon on a soup plate.

Stir it to combine.

Cut circles out of the pastry.

Appelbeignets 07
Appelbeignets 08
Appelbeignets 09
Appelbeignets 10

Lift the circle's from the paper.

Place an apple slice on 6 pastry circles.

Fill the hole with cinnamon-sugar.

Press a second cirkel on top.

Brush a little water on the edge of the bottom circles then press both edges firmly together, so no oil can seep in.

Appelbeignets 11
Appelbeignets 12
Appelbeignets 13

Check the temperature of the sunflower oil.

Bake the appel beignets 3 minutes each side.

Use kitchenpaper to drain the excess of oil.

Appelbeignets 14
Appelbeignets home

Press both sides in the cinnamon-sugar.

They turned out perfect! With thanks to Mister Cees Holtkamp!