Healthy candy

made of fresh pineapple

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What do you need?
200g fresh pineapple
1 sachet Agaranta of 6g
25ml full fat yogurt
1 - 2 teaspoons of honey
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In the festive month there is a lot of candy but it does not necessarily have to be bad for the little ones. Today we make healthy fruit sweets, with fresh pineapple and no additives. As a gelling agent we use Agaranta, a vegan - a non-animal but vegetable - replacement of gelatine. Because Puk has a cow milk allergy we did not opt for yoghurt. If you do add yogurt stir in 1 2 teaspoons of honey at the same time.

Do mind! everything has to be done quickly, the stirring, cooling and the pouring, the sweets set very fast!

How to make these healthy fruit sweets

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Puree the pineapple in the blender.

Dissolve the agaranta in some water.

Stir it into the pineapple.

Bring to the boil while stirring.

Keep stirring but allow the mixture to boil for two minutes on low heat, until it thickens.

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Place the pan with the pineapple mixture into a bigger one with ice water.

Quickly stir off most of the heat then stir in yogurt and honey.

Pour the mixture, quickly as possible too, into the molds.

Allow the candy to set minimal 1 hour at room temperature or place it minimal 30 minutes in the fridge.

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Healthy candy home

Press the sweets gently out of the molds.

The sweets look so cute!