Savoury magic wands

with cheese

Toverstafje sidepic

Shopping list
1 roll puff pastry
1 free range egg yolk
2 tablespoons milk
100g cheese, grated (mozzarella/cheddar)

Toverstafje sidepicll

A cheese snack with Sinterklaas is also traditional at snazzie ;) This time we make magic wands! Because the Sinterklaas celebration is also magical, if you believe in it :)

How to make the magic wands


Toverstafje 01
Toverstafje 02
Toverstafje 03
Toverstafje 04

Beat the egg yolk with the milk.

Cut off two strips puff pastry, each 8 cm wide.

Brush both with egg then sprinkle on cheese.

Stick the strips together then cut the two in half, lengthwise.

Toverstafje 05
Toverstafje 06
Toverstafje 07

Twist the 4 strips in opposite direction.

Cut the 4 strips in half, so you have 8.

Brush them with egg wash.

Cover the magic wands in cling film.

Toverstafje 08
Toverstafje 09
Toverstafje 10
Toverstafje 11

Place the wands in the fridge.

Cut out 16 stars of 5 cm Ø.

Brush them with egg wash.

Sprinkle the 8 stars with cheese.

Press a plain star underneath the wand and a cheese sprinkled star on top of it, press the stars together then brush them with egg wash.

Toverstafje 12
Toverstafje home

Bake the magic wands in 8-10 minutes light brown.

Place the magic wands in cute cups to serve.

Have fun at the Sinterklaas party!