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That is not OK to do!

Alphonse, that is not OK to do!
Author/Illustrator: Daisy Hirst
Series: 2 parts (I do not like books anymore!)
Original language: English
Published: November 2016
Publishers: Candlewick Press
ISBN13: 9780763681036
Price: € 15.99 (HC)
Age: 4 - 6 jaar

Today we read the super cute picture book Alfons, That is Not OK to do! from the British author/illustrator Daisy Hirst. The story starts off well: first there was Natalie and then Alfons came along. Usually the two have a lot of fun together but sometimes ... Every child with a younger brother or sister will recognize itself in this book, it puts the finger on the sore spot.

Unfortunately the videos are only in French and Spanish. But if it is incomprehensible to you, you can at least view the cute pictures and then you immediately understand where the story is going. The French Mum tells the story magnifique, with gestures, little voices and a lot of facial expression, which is fun to see.

Alfons  nee! homepage
Alfons  nee! 01
Alfons  nee! 02

The illustrations are simple but expressive, with a lot of space around them. The mini monsters in the book are cute and their faces show their moods very well. The difference between calm and chaos in their home is immediately clear to our young ones ;)

Alfons  nee! 04
Alfons  nee! 05

Fortunately the story ends well, as it should for siblings! Our mini-monsters just love Natalie and Alphonse and their funny behaviour, we read it to them all the time.

Therefore 3 cute little stars for Alphonse, That Is Not OK To Do!