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The Story of A Mars Rover

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Curiosity, the story of a Mars Rover
Author/Illustrator: Markus Motum
Original language: English
Published: March 2018
Publishers: Candlewick Press MA
ISBN13: 9780763695040
Price: € 20.99 (HC)
Age: 8 - 12 years
Because of our mini monsters who are always looking for videos about space on youtube, we found Markus Motum and his stunning book about the Curiosity rover. For those who don't know yet: Curiosity is a Mars Rover - a space robot about the size of a car - that was sent out to explore Mars. Not only does he photograph but he also digs in the soil and takes samples back to earth. So a very special vehicle!
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In this children's book, it is clearly explained why this mission to Mars is important. Why the Curiosity was sent instead of astronauts, what it takes to accomplish such a mission and what the Curiosity's journey looked like. All this supported by facts, nowhere childish but at the same time made understandable for children.
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Moreover, the illustrations are so beautiful, made with a lot of love and imagination. Look at the 'real' Curiosity and this one, from the book. Precisely the book we love to buy for the mini monsters to read again and again!

A very shining starry sky for Curiosity, because 3 stars really aren't enough for this brilliant book!