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Duck & Goose

by Tad Hills

Goose duck easter sidepic
Duck & Goose, here comes the Easter Bunny
Author/Illustrator: Tad Hills
Series: Duck & Goose
Original language: English
Published: January 2016
Publishers: Boxer books Ltd.
ISBN13: 9781910126295
Price: € 6.99 (cardboard)
Age: 3 - 6 jaar
Goose duck easter sidepicll

The endearing friends Duck & Goose would like to see the Easter Bunny, but how do you approach that? Tad Hills has made a booklet about it, made of nice sturdy cardboard and with remarkably clear colors. The snazzie preschoolers like to 'read' the book a lot, it is very recognizable and fun for them!

Goose duck easter 01

In the video you can see why we love Duck and Goose so much. The book is unfortunately not translated into Dutch but the text is minimal so that should not be a problem.

2 beautiful stars for Goose & Duck from the youngest sanzzie-readers!