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Ocean meets Sky

by The Fan Brothers

Ocean meets Sky
Authors/Illustrators: The Fan Brothers
Original language: English
Published: May 2018
Publishers: Simon & Schuster
ISBN13: 9781786032058
Price: € 14.99 (HC)
Age: 6 - 100 jaar

Today a gorgeous new picture book Ocean meets Sky, by two very special brothers Terry and Eric Fan on snazzie. The brothers became known for their debut in 2016: The Night Gardener. The magical story that reads like a classic fairy tale with stunning illustrations in mixed media was worldwide an instant best seller.

Oceaan en hemel 01
Oceaan en hemel 02
Oceaan en hemel 03

We believe it will not be different with this new book. Finn and his Grandpa are best friends. If one day Grandpa is no longer with him Finn builds him a boat and so the adventure begins. The art work is brilliant, almost too beautiful to put into words and the story is philosophical and touching. We - but also our young readers - are fan of The Fan Brothers, that may be clear :)


3 magical sparkling stars for Ocean meets Sky from the young and older snazzie readers!