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Wij waren hier eerst

a non-fiction animal book for kids

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Wij waren hier eerst (We were here first)
Author: Joukje Akveld
Illustrator: Piet Grobler
Photography: Justin Fox
Original language: Dutch
Translated: not
Published: May 2017
Publishers: Gottmer
ISBN13: 9789025766498
Price: € 27.99 (HC)
Age: 11 - 14 years
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We were here first is  our book of the week called and that's exactly right! If you look at the cover of the book you already understand: that's what the animals say through Joukje Akveld. We have known it all for longer than today: it does not go well with the animals and with our planet and therefore not with us.

It seems like people do not want to understand it, we worry a lot about the economy, but apparently not about the state of our planet. While we love our children so much, we are not really concerned about the condition in which we will leave the earth to them.

Joukje Akveld traveled through South Africa for 4 months and she gives us a shocking insight into the existence of the wild animals that live there. But it is not a total misery, although many wild animals quickly reduce in number by hunting, poaching and lack of space for example. During her trip Joukje Akveld talks to all kinds of people, because fortunately there are also people who are looking for solutions for these endangered animals. They work voluntarily in wildlife parks and other safe havens.

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Joukje Akveld writes very honestly, she does not beat around the bush or softens the truth for her young readers. The book is well written, it reads smoothly and you get a lot of information. The photos are beautiful and the illustrations by Piet Grobler really add something to the book. The recommended age is entirely up to the child, you should not be too tender hearted and you must want to know the truth.

Also there are a lot of loose facts incorporated and our mini monsters love those. The book also gives a lot of insights for good conversations, something that is not at all bad in this World Wide Web age ;) All in all  the book makes a wonderful gift, it is a beautifully executed, thick book, full of interesting information. three stars are actually not enough!

Three great, big stars which hopefully shine bright and unencumbered for a very long time for We were here first!