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December is the most beautiful month of the year! The first days of December are still for Sinterklaas but after December 5th, it will quickly look like Christmas at snazzie.

On December 13th Saint Lucy's Day is celebrated in Sweden. This celebration marks the beginning of the Swedish Christmas period. We craft a cute Saint Lucy doll and also bake traditional Swedish St. Lucy buns - Lussekatter - with saffron and raisins. It is funny that this Saint is celebrated not only in Scandinavia but also in the north of Italy. Read more

This year we bake lots of different Christmas cookies and a mini biscuit house, we make a Christmas cake with cranberries and some tasty savory snacks too, but in a festive shape of course.

We definitively make plenty of time to read because there are so many beautiful, festive Christmas books we do not want to miss out on.

Snazzie wishes you lots of fun in December!