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Vrolijk pasen 2023

April is a wonderful month, the sun is shining more and more often! It stays light for a nice long time because the clocks went back an hour at the end of March. We are really looking forward to lovely sunny weather!

But we immediately dive into the agenda because April will be a very busy month!

It's Easter on April 9 and 10. We bake Easter rolls and Easter cookies.

The Sugar Fest (Eid-al-Fitr) starts on April 21, we make beautiful cake pops and date truffles and we bake Kahk cookies from an Egyptian recipe. We also make a nice moon and star decoration.

On April 22nd it's Earth Day and then we craft weather hangers, also much fun to make!

April 27 is King's Day! Festive orange castles and sweet orange rolls are part of it and we bake both!

And then we have had with all the festivities for now! We read a nice Easter Bunny book with flaps to the little ones and we have a very nice picture book for Eid. Then a beautiful, sweet book for Earth Day and of course also a book for King's Day, an exciting history book. And we read some books about nature.

In April there is a lot to do at snazzie! We look forward to seeing you again soon, at!