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Sint surprise gekko 24

It is November 1 and this month is going to be so much fun! With the buckets of Halloween candy still almost full, the best children's party of the year is already coming up!

On November 12, Sinterklaas will arrive in the Netherlands, we are already looking forward to it! The Sinterklaas Journaal at Zapp op 3 has already started then and the television broadcast of the national arrival of Sinterklaas starts at 12.00 h, as usual.

The diary of the Sint is as follows:
The Sinterklaas Journal starts again on Monday 8 November, every evening at 6 p.m. (a 10 minutes broadcast) up to and including Monday December 5th.

Saturday 12 November we will all watch television together at 12:00. Then we see the arrival of Saint Nicholas and the Pieten in Hellevoetsluis. That will be exciting again!

Join the Snazzie Sinterklaas fun at home and bake, read & craft with us! This year we are baking a cranberry-mandarin cake in the snazzie kitchen, delicious Sinterklaas cupcakes with kruidnoten and we are making chocolate letters, to give Sinterklaas a helping hand. Our savory snack of the month is flat bread with sauerkraut. It's all winter fare at snazzie! :))

We're making two cool Sinterklaas surprises this year, so start saving some boxes! And of course we read beautiful winter books. Plenty fun things to do in November, we are already looking forward to it!

photo: Sint surprise Gekko, 17-11-2021 online