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October 2021 will be a busy month again so grab your agenda right away and fill in:

On October 6 the 2021 Children's Book Week starts and it will last until October 17. This year's theme of - the 67th(!) - children's book week - will be Worden wat je wil (Be what you want).

Bette Westra, a beloved author at Snazzie, wrote the children's book week gift. You get this for free when you buy a book worth 12.50 euros. The book week gift is called Tiril en de toverdrank and it seems super exciting!

The children's book week picture book (for only 7.25 euros) is this year made by Mark Janssen (another snazzie hero) so we are very lucky this year! His book is called Dromers (Dreamers) and we can hardly wait. Here you will find all information about Children's Book Week 2021.

On October 4th it's Animal Day. Do not forget, we take extra good care of our pet!

From 16 to 24 October it is Autumn Break. We are looking for treasures and mushrooms again. You can make fun Halloween crafts with us.

In the Snazzie kitchen, October immediately starts with cake and we continue cooking and baking with lots of autumn fruits, such as plums, blackberries and apples.

Winter time begins on the night of Saturday, October 30. The clocks go back one hour at 03:00 am, on Sunday October 31st we can sleep an hour longer!

Finally, it's Halloween on October 31st, the most exciting day of the year! With the older mini-monsters we watch a super-exciting DVD, called 9 (really! just nine). We bake Halloween cookies, among tasty other things. We craft funny scary things and first we read both Childrens Book Week books, then autumn books and lastly exciting Halloween books.

We wish you a lot of fun in this busy Autumn month and a Happy Halloween already!