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After a great summer, with lots of warm weather, we are looking forward to autumn! It's so beautiful outside, the leaves are falling from the trees. We're going treasure hunting, in the woods and it's good to see your school friends every day again.

We use a lot of autumn fruits in the September kitchen such as apples and blackberries. We put those in the apple jelly and the blackberry compote. But we also make very tasty custard buns and funny spider cupcakes ;))

September's fall books are beautiful and funny. We chose only picture books this month, they are just too cute! You will encounter familiar figures in the Gruffalo's autumn book, a activity book with stories, crafts and fun facts.

We make fun fall crafts, we sew pumpkins, we paint a lot and the mini monsters love perler beads, so we work with those again.

There is a lot to see & do on snazzie in the month of September, so join in the fun. We love to see and hear from you!

Photo: Spider Cupcakes - online on September 17