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The Dutch Bento Box ll

we go almost back to school
Sandwich, With fresh fruit, Bento Box, With Cheese, With egg, Pasta, and Salad
Dutch bento sidepic
Shopping list
vegetables of your choice
fruits of your choice
cheese of your choice
free range (quails) eggs
whole wheat breads
half wheat (minions) pasta, rice or noodles
bread sticks
corn crackers
peanutbutter, apple / pear syrup, honey
butter or olive oil
Dutch bento sidepicll

Now that school is (almost) starting again, our normal eating pattern will also be resumed.  It is done with pizza deliveries and holiday fast-food, it's often not very good anyway. We are certainly not fanatical as far as healthy food is concerned but fresh and variety is important to us. Hip totally not, we like for the mini-monsters to enjoy their food. So we are cheerfully going to take up the menu ourselves :)

Starting with the school lunch box! The Japanese Bento Box is our shining example, it contains healthy, homemade food for your hardworking kids. But for Dutchies it needs some little ajustments because we choose whole wheat bread and pasta sooner than rice or noodles and because we like to keep it simple, after all it's food.

So here is our take on the Japanese lunch box, the Dutch Bento (with a look back to 2014)

The Farm Bento: Wholemeal peanutbutter /banana / honey (or with apple stroop / pear / honey) sandwich(es), cheese, eggs, fruit, veg and animal biscuits.

Dutch bento 01
Dutch bento 02
Dutch bento 03
Dutch bento 04

We make a tractor.

Spread peanut butter on bread.

Top one side with banana.

Drizzle honey on the banana.

Dutch bento 05
Dutch bento 06
Dutch bento 07

Press the two slices firmly together.

Cut out a tractor.

Cut various animals out of cheese and apple.

Dutch bento 08
Dutch bento 09

Place the sandwich(es), eggs, cheese and veg in the Bento.

Add a little box with fruit and some animal biscuits.

The Minion Bento: whole wheat pasta-salad with quails eggs and fresh fruit decorated with Minion prickers.
Because the Minion pasta is half wheat we mix them 50/50 with a whole wheat pasta.

Dutch bento 10
Dutch bento 11
Dutch bento 12
Dutch bento 13

Cook the fresh peas.

Cook Minion pasta.

Quarter the tomatoes.

Drain the tinned corn.

Fold the veg into the pasta with a tablespoon of olive oil.

Dutch bento 14
Dutch bento 22

Sprinkle grated Parmesan on top of the pasta salad.

Spoon the pasta salad in a container then place the boiled eggs on top.

Cut fresh nectarine, pineapple and honey melon in pieces, sprinkle on blueberries. Pack the fruit in a separate box. Stick in the prickers last minute.

The Dinosaur Bento: Cheese/broccoli patties, 1 quails egg, watermelon, strawberries, de-stoned cherries & dinosaur biscuits.

Dutch bento 16
Dutch bento 17

Put foil around the patties, place an egg in the Dinosaur nest ;)

Add a box of fruit and 2 Dino biscuits.

After these suggestions we would like to let you know that of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with a delicious brown bread sandwich. In fact, we like to eat it ourselves and do so often! But in the packed lunch for children it is very nice if there is a surprise now and then. Whether your sandwich has turned into a star, a tractor or a dino, a rabbit or whatever you can come up with!


We wish you lots of fun and creativity with the Bento Box!