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Aesop's Fables

by Aesop and Charles Santore
Science, Dutch language, English language, History, Picture Book, and Mythology
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Aesop's Fables
Author: Aesop
Illustrator: Charles Santore
Original language: English
Published: December 2020
Publishers: Apple Sauce Press
ISBN13: 9781646430246
Price: € 15.99 (HC)
Age: 7 - 8 years and up

By now it has been proven beyond a doubt that the fables of Aesop (ca. 620 – ca. 560 BC) are timeless, they are still being reprinted. These two editions are especially written for children, but they are not childish. With the beautiful illustrations by two very different illustrators are each of these books a wonderful posession for life, for every child. Aesop's observations are as relevant today as they were when they were put on papyrus. Human nature does not change, that much is clear!

De fabels van Aesopus, the Dutch version

De fabels van aesopus 01
De fabels van aesopus 02
De fabels van aesopus 03
De fabels van aesopus 04

Author Imme Dros has earned her spurs with writing children's books. The snazzie readers love all of her books, especially the Myth from the Greek Antiquity, but today's book is also for younger children. The stories are not too exciting because they are fables. The modern style artwork by Fulvio Testa are cheerful and funny, they give the stories an extra boost.

De fabels van aesopus 05
De fabels van aesopus 06

Aesop's Fables, the English edition

Aesop's fables 01
Aesop's fables 02
Aesop's fables 03
Aesop's fables 04

The American illustrator of children's books Charles Santore created the beautiful, classic artwork for this book. The precisely coloured, very detailed drawings give so much atmosphere to the stories. The expression on the heads of the animals is really masterful and so brilliantly imagined! In addition to children's books like this and Tales by Peter Rabbit, the illustrator made portraits of American celebrities for the cover of TV Guide magazine.

Aesop's fables 05
Aesop's fables 06

We can't help but appreciate the books equally, they are both beautiful in their own way. Both the written (edited) part and the illustrations. Both books are often read to the kids and turn out to be a good purchase for our bookcase.

Three Eternally Radiant Stars for Aesop's Fables!