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Het oog van de zon

a window narration with Egyptian stories
Science, Dutch language, History, Reading Book, and Mythology
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Het oog van de zon
Authors: Karel Verleyen en Frank Leys
Illustrator: André Sollie
Original language: Dutch
Translated by: Not
Published: March 1998
ISBN13: 9789065658456
Price: € 5.00
Age: from 13 years and up

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About Hypathia (355-415) are many books written although there are not a lot of reliable sources. Hypatia (355-415) was the first female mathematician. She taught mathematics and philosophy to young people in her father's house in Alexandria.

Her father Theoon was a mathematician employed by the Mouseion, the temple of the Muses (sciences and fine arts) and Library of Alexandria. Her father educated Hypatia.

Later on she also studied philosophie, astronomy and music. Hypatia appeals to the imagination because her name is often mentioned in conjunction with the emancipation of women. But sadly Hypatia is most known for the gruesome way in which she was murdered.

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We found no books about this piece of Egyptian history for young adults until we found Het oog van de zon (The eye of the sun). The book is written by two Belgian auteurs who also wrote about Greek Mythology and Mesopotamian legends together. Sadly the book is not translated in the English language.

This book about Egyption history is not written in the traditional way which by young people is mostly experienced as boring. But it's an exciting story within a story. It paints a vivid picture of the lives of young people in the period in which Hypatia lived. There are some Egyptian myths woven into the story as well, also fun to read.

We also like to mention the film about Hypatia's life which is called Agora and is available on DVD.

This exciting mixture of fiction and truth, The eye of the sun.  gets three stars from the snazzie readers.