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Science Centre Delft is moving

to the campus of the TU Delft
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Science centre delft sidepic

Science Center Delft is moving!

On the right you see the video

of the opening of Science Center Delft

in September 2010 >>

Have fun watching !

At the end of 2021, Science Center Delft will close its doors at Mijnbouwstraat 120 and TU Delft Science Center will open its doors in the heart of the campus in 2022. The current exhibition was last visited on 11 July 2021.

The new location is located in the heart of the TU Delft Campus. (source: website TU Delft)

Actually, this is not an outing for the Christmas holidays, but just a Moving Message. After the initial shock, because what a very beautiful building on the Mijnstraat!, we are very curious and also a bit excited. Sounds like the new location is going to be super cool!

Here are two more fun videos of what it was like in the 'old' Science Center. Don't forget there is also a lot happening online, so subscribe to the Science Center Delft youtube channel and join in from your own home!

Coming summer, hard work will be done on the realization of new teaching rooms and research facilities for the continuity of education and research. Parallel to this trajectory, the design of the new exhibition will start, which is expected to open in 2023.

TU Delft exhibitions will remain visible at various pop-up locations such as the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands and the opening Huis van Delft with the Innovation Gallery. In addition, the current exhibition will be expanded with online and virtual activities like the Virtual Campus and @Home projecten

It is a pity that the Science Center will remain closed for a year, but it is exciting to imagine how it will be when it is finished.

We are already looking forward to it!