Welcome to snazzie.nl

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May I introduce the mini-monsters and I?

Madelief & Eefje, David, Eva, Joey & Jona and Ezra

As counterpart to all I, E, PS, PSD, XB and other timeconsuming technologie you'll find on snazzie easy and (sometimes) more complicated projects made by hand. We give instructions, tips and often helpful free downloads are included.

Much as we love computers and the internet (very much!) we miss a bit of glue on our fingers and the smell of paint in our nose. Hence snazzie.nl for everyone who likes variation, just like us.

We love to potter around in the kitchen with the kids to try out easy recipes. Older kids can make snazzie's recipes often by themselves. We like to use fresh and healthy ingredients but we also make a lot of sweet stuff. We love to share our cooking efforts with you.

Every Wednesday we introduce our book of the week on snazzie. We show you brilliant books (or films) for all ages. Well known books or books less so, but always interesting to read.

We hope you like to look around on our website. But it's much more fun for you to join in, you're very welcome! We wish you all lots of fun with snazzie.nl

You can reach us on info@snazzie.nl