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Spring starts on March 20, but it is already mild weather outside and it stays light longer. It looks like spring is already here!

Nicely in the sun in the garden with a beautiful book or with someone to read to you is so cozy! We have once again selected lovely books for you. For the primary school kids we have Edison, an exciting mouse adventure with a sunken treasure. For the little ones Alfons No, That is not OK to do! A funny book about two mini monsters, to mention just two books already.

We bake blueberry muffins and we brew a nice cup of tea. The muffins are mini sized so you can eat more than 1 ;) But we also make spicy grilled cheese, tasty and quick. The Easter cookies have to wait this month, even though there are already plenty of Easter eggs in the supermarket. Easter will be on April 21 this year, so that can wait for now.

We do do crafts for Easter this month, so we have plenty of time to make a very cute T-shirt. And the week after Easter it is King's Day, so April will be twice as busy this year! We all sorts of fun stuff but we also play outside a lot.

Anyway, we hope you will join in again!