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March is the month of spring and it already stays light longer each day. It's light again when you get up and it feels different outside. March has no holidays, except for our National Pancake Day. But we don't mind because Easter and King's Day are coming up in April!

In March we're going to do something fun, we're going to choose one dish from every Dutch province and then make it! We may not all like them equally, but hopefully there will be something delicious for everyone. If not...

On March 17, 2023 it's National Pancake Day again! That day will be extra festive, we read on the website because primary school students throughout the Netherlands bake pancakes and bring them to the elderly. Very sweet! On snazzie you will find an extra delicious pancake on this special day.

Our books and crafts in March are all about Egypt. Egypt continues to fascinate our little monsters, so we'll come back to it every now and then. If we look at your positive comments we know you share our fascination. So we hope you will have as much fun reading and crafting as we did for this month.

Wishing you lots of fun!

Photo: make your own papyrus (online on 02-03-2023)